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Hamam – Origin and treatments

Hamam – Origin and treatments


The origin of Hamam

In Arabic Hamam literally means ‘To spread heat’ and comes from the Arabic word ‘hamma’ which means heat source.
The traditional hamam is often situated next of near a mosque. One used to visit this for religious and physical cleansing, it also had a very strong social function. Hamans are often seen in the Highland of Iran, the Arabic world and Turkey. In Europe people were introduced to these types of baths through the Ottoman empire.

The hamam was developed from bath houses from the Roman and Byzantine empire, in combination with the Central-Asian and Turkish traditions of the steam baths. A hamam consists of three rooms that are connected: the hot area, a warm area and the cool area. The hot area can be compared with the Roman caldarium, the warm area with the tepidarium and the cool area with the frigidairum.

Sultan Hamam

In this authentic Turkish hamam east meets west and you can enjoy a real eastern way of bathing. The cleansing of the body and mind takes places in traditional atmospheres due to pleasant water vapours, combined with hospitality from Limburg and Turkey.

What cannot be missed during a visit to a Hamam is a traditional hamam treatment. A hamam treatment composed from various rituals which are dedicated to warmth, water, cleansing and relaxation.

Hamam special treatment

After you have changed you will put a “pestemal” (loin cloth) around your waist. This cloth is made from silk or cotton. It is also possible to wear your own bathing suit and slippers.

First one will enter the Turkish steam bath, the hot area. In the middle of the Hamam area there is a raised marble part, the “göbek tasi” also called stomach rock. In the corners of this area there are “kurnas” (small water basins for cleansing and rinsing of the body).


It is the intension for you to lay down on the heated marble part, in order for your pores to open and release the sweat. Subsequently one of our masseurs will cover your body with warm water. Then you whole body is scrubbed with a kese (peeling glove).

Your death skin cells will be removed and at the same time the blood circulation of the ligaments is stimulated. After the scrubbing your skin will feel soft and smooth and is able to breathe through the open pores.

After the scrub treatment there is the soap ritual. Your body is rinsed, first with warm then with cold water. Subsequently the masseur takes a “Torba” (foam bag), filled with warm foam and olive soap.
This foam will lather you with soap, from top to bottom, then you will receive a firm massage from one of our employees.

When this relaxing ritual is finished you will enter the relaxation area. Here you can cool down and enjoy one of our lovely meals from Brasserie De Noorman.

* It is compulsory to wear bath clothes.