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The building where Hotel Asselt is located has a rich history. Since the construction of this building in 1849 it has had different owners and functions. Till 1920 the building was used as a beer brewery.

In 1920 the Hendrickx sisters took over the property and transformed it into a ‘modest but renowned hotel and family pension’ named ‘Huize ‘t Veld’. The hotel had a good reputation and was well known for its great kitchen. The Hendrickx sisters were mainly focused on families that came to celebrate their vacation as well as the upper and middle class from the west of the country. Even people from abroad came to visit the hotel, important people such as politicians, doctors, lawyers and notaries. They came to enjoy the peace and nature, as well as the cooking abilities of both sisters.
From records it is further known that the wine cellar was always fully stocked with the greatest wines from the Bordeaux area. The hotel was also very popular in the area for parties, celebrations and weddings.

From 1965 till 2011 the building was used by a care group. It is worth mentioning that the building, after thorough renovations, was re-opened in 1979 by Mrs. Gardeniers – Berendsen, former Minister of Culture, Recreation and Social work.

In 2010 the first plans arose to turn the building into a hotel again. Finally, these plans were realised and after another thorough renovation, Hotel Asselt opened its doors in March 2012. When renovating the building the historic exterior was maintained but the interior is completely modernised.